Year 1 visit to The Brampton Museum

Year 1 spent time during the autumn term learning about Victorian toys and what it would have been like to be a child during the Victorian Era.  Their visit allowed them to dress like Victorian children, make pomanders and experience what a Victorian Christmas would have been like.

Year 5 Ancient Greeks Workshop

Year 5 visited Hanley Museum for an Ancient Greek inspired workshop.  They got to see some Ancient Greek pots and then design their own which they then made.  The pots are now part of our own school museum.

Year 6 visit to London

Our Year 6 class enjoyed a superb day out in London visiting the Royal Mews and the Houses of Parliament.  It was a very early start from Stoke Railway Station but visiting both the House of Commons and the House of Lords during the Brexit debates was well worth the early start and late finish.

Year 2 Visit to Middleport Pottery Museum

As part of their learning challenge linked to their home town, Stoke-on-Trent, year 2 visited Middleport Pottery Museum.  During their visit they made a bottle kiln out of clay, designed a plate inspired by old Middleport Pottery and learnt more about what it would have been like to work in a ‘pot bank’.  They all […]

Severn Trent Water Workshop

Our year 3 class enjoyed learning about the water cycle with their parents during a workshop and assembly led by Severn Trent Water.  It was another opportunity to work alongside their parents as part of our family learning sessions.

Year 4 Visit to Wroxeter

To enhance their learning about the Romans, year 4 visited Wroxeter Roman City.  They viewed some Roman artefacts, dressed as Romans and explored the Roman town remains.  A great end to their learning challenge.

Year 5 and the Explore University Project

Year 5 have been working with Keele University as part of their Explore University project.  The project began with the children creating a university out of lego.  This prompted lots of discussion and resulted in some children counting down the years until they could go to university themselves.  A great result!

Drowning Awareness Assembly

Our key stage 2 children were visited by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue who delivered an assembly on how to stay safe around water, especially lakes and rivers.  This was very informative and should help our children to stay safe around water.

Key Stage 1 Visit to Llandudno

As part of their seaside learning challenge, year 1 and year 2 visited Llandudno.  The children watched a Punch and Judy show, ate ice cream and made sandcastles on the beach.  They even experienced great weather!

Big Bang Science Fair

A number of children from across key stage 2 visited Staffordshire University to take part in the Big Bang Science fair.  The children learnt about programming, food chains, civil engineering (where they worked together to build a bridge following the plan), ugly animals and adaptations, space (the first mission to the moon, the space suit […]

Year 3 Visit to Westport Lake

Year 3 visited Westport Lake to experience a day of learning outdoors.  They completed a number of different activities and really enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.

Y4 Visit to West Midland Safari Park

To find out more about the animal kingdom and see wildlife up close and personal our year 4 class visited West Midlands Safari Day.  They had a wonderful day out, learnt lots and even got to handle some amazing creatures!